Centre for Battery Engineering and Electric Vehicles


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Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the future of India’s road transport. They will enable us to get rid of our city pollution and
reduce dependence on imported oil. CBEEV is an R&D Centre based out of IIT Madras and IIT Madras Research Park
which weaves cutting edge research with strategic commercialization towards creating a holistic ecosystem
of Battery Management Solutions across the country.

Our comprehensive R&D in each of the subsystems of EVs focuses on Li-ion batteries, battery management solutions,
permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) and its controllers, and on board and off board chargers.
With a large team of young R&D professionals, and 150 employees and researchers with extensive and varied
experience, CBEEV boasts a wide range of innovations that are high-performing, sustainable, and
scalable solutions across both commercial and domestic sectors.

R & D

In-house development of
high-performance, effcient, and
cost-effective battery packs,
microgrids, chargers, vehicle controllers


Focus on commercialization
through industrial partners
and start-ups

Sustainable Future

Aligned to the Government of India’s
vision of a cleaner and greener future
in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and
policies like FAME II


Centre for Battery Engineering (CoBE)

Centre for Electric Vehicles (CoEV)

Centre for Decentralized Power System (CDPS)


Li-ion Batteries with in-built thermal management system


Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) with Controller

Electric Vehicles

Centre for Decentralized Power System (CDPS)

Battery Assembly
Battery Testing
Electric Vehicles Ecosystem

Focus Areas

CBEEV’s holistic approach towards the EV space is evidenced
in its wide range of products, services and solutions.

Electric Vehicles & EV Subsystems

Developing indigenous solutions keeping in mind the
Indian affordability.

     Designing and developing :
      • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor and                          Controllers for 2 wheelers, e-rickshaws, autos,                        tempos, cars, buses, and trucks

Motors and Controllers

Battery Engineering and Management

• Battery engineering and assembly for EVs
• Customized battery pack design for industrial
• Energy storage battery designs for Micro-grid     applications
• Enhancing battery reusability and battery life
• In-built Thermal Management System that augments   the life-span of Li-ion batteries

Designing and developing:
• Rack Chargers for swappable batteries and Public Chargers
for xed batteries in EVs
• Portable Charger to charge batteries anytime and


Cell & Pack Performance Testing

Cell testing and characterisation of Li-ion cells of different
capacities, form factors (cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch) for
different chemistries:
• Study life-cycles of different cells under different
charge-discharge conditions, different depths of discharge
• Recommend the best cells for battery assembly
• Determine the life-cycles of battery packs

Inverterless 500 • Inverterless 2500 • Inverterless 3000
Jharkhand Microgrid • Andaman Microgrid
Energy Storage
Commercial Complexes • Monitoring to minimise energy usage

Renewable Energy

Air Conditioning Focus

• Energy effcient air-conditioning systems for once-buildings
• IoT and Analytics to minimise electricity consumption

• Battery Swapping
• Swapping Infrastructure Analysis
• Developing Communication Protocols for swappable
• Remote Monitoring, Control & Optimization of Batteries,
Chargers and EVs.
• Making Specifications for the products and working towards
Standardization of the same.
• Training and knowledge sharing

Other areas


Cell-Battery Testing System
Li-ion Battery Packs
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor & Controller
Chargers, Controllers, Telematics Technology
Energy Storage for Micro-grid Applications
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor & Controller


C-BEEV Ecosystem Highlights